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Break the silence

Step into your calling

In today's world, it's easy to get lost in the noise of trends and distractions. But true leadership requires a bold, truth-telling vision. If you're ready to step into your calling, break the silence, and mold the marketplace in alignment with God's purpose, then Turned On Live is the event for you.

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We are David and Angelike Norrie. Authors. Speakers. Podcasters. Life Strategists. Entrepreneurs. Marketers. But what we really want to say is we are a family much like you. We’re not pastors or self proclaimed gurus. We simply wanted to find prosperity without costing us, our marriage, peace or God-given identity. So we did, and now we want to create the community that honors the Kingdom and creates a revival in the marketplace. So, Let’s turn on the light and add salt.

Plain and simple - the world seeks to take God out. We are bold enough to put Him back in, and we would love to have you do it with us.

David Norrie

David has been a journalist for 25 years, covering the NFL, relationships and health & fitness. David has written three books on the importance of family, business and the foundational wisdom of the bible. David's mission is to wake up the lukewarm. He believes that your God given gifts, passion and voice are desperately needed in todays marketplace and that when you do, we will see a revival.

Angelike Norrie

Angelike is a former professional athlete and six time cover turned entrepreneur, speaker and business mentor. She specializes in helping others to work in their gifts to maximize their marketplace and Kingdom impact. Her first ministry is to her HomeTeam as a wife and mother, and teaches that honoring the Divine Order will bring peace and prosperity beyond our human understanding. She believes there is a shaking coming and its separation season; the gloves are off and the battle is already won.


Join us for a transformational event with speakers whose wisdom spans generations.


Kerry Moss

Founder of Artios Interntional, which teaches and equips people in the word of God, Kerry was raised Jewish and converted to Christianity in his early 20s. He spent an entire decade of his life traveling the world and learning from some of the best Biblical Scholars of our time. His knowledge of the original Hebrew and Greek text brings a deeper meaning and understanding of the truth and richness of God's Word.

Mike & Kate Battistelli

Mike and Kate were successful professionals in the NYC music and Broadway Theatre world— he, a Musical Director on staff at Radio City Music Hall; she a television and Broadway Theatre actress, and Yul Brynner's leading lady in "The King and I" for three years. But God called them to a different life at the height of their careers and they were saved and gave up everything to pursue His calling. Kate is the author of two books, The God Dare and Growing Great Kids. Mike has decades of experience as a successful marketing and business executive. Their daughter is Grammy Award winning vocalist Francesca Battistelli.

Natasha Hazlett

Natasha Nassar Hazlett is an inspirational speaker, author, online business strategist and attorney. She empowers women with the clarity, confidence, and strategies they need to boost their income and influence in the marketplace. She is the co-founder of Fast Forward Marketing, LLC and Our Gathering Table with her husband Richard. The Hazletts have been honored twice with the prestigious ClickFunnels Two Comma Club award.

Worship Pastor & Singer

John Waller

John is a worship pastor and Christian Recording Artist. He wrote and sang the title soundtrack song for the Kirk Cameron movie Fireproof called “While Im Waiting”. He and his wife Josee have 10 children and teach on how to balance career and family.

What can you expect?

At Turned On Live, we're not interested in lip-syncing to trending audio. We're here to help you discover your unique identity and assignment in the Kingdom of God. It's time to harness the power of your God-given gifts, personality, and talents to make a lasting impact in the marketplace.

Kingdom Business Insights

Gain profound insights into Kingdom Business principles that apply across generations.

Personality for Profit

Unlocking your God-given personality to be memorable in the marketplace and an impactful speaker.

Brand & Market

Learn how to stand out in a noisy, trend-chasing marketplace by authentically branding yourself and your business.

Identity and Assignment

Discover your unique identity and assignment within God's grand plan for your life and business

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded believers who share your passion for advancing the Kingdom through business.

Are You ready To Let It Rip?

2 Kings 13


Yet the world and especially the online space has become increasingly crowded in the last decade and has exponentially increased since 2020. Angelike & David teach you the tools to stop people in their tracks. While scrolling among the tiktok videos and lives that everyone seems to be doing these days, you need an effective strategy to stand out among the short attention span crowd.

Social Proof


You have to go. It’s being able to connect with a group of people that have the same passion and belief system that you do - and in that, a better version of you comes out. It has nothing to do with speaking - it has everything to do with what is poured into you.

Eric M.

Business Entrepreneur


David possesses the ability to slow time down to get you to be more present in your Spirit, Mind and Heart and essentially then; more present in what we were created for in the first place, relationships.

Natasha N.

Founder Redefining Refuge


Going through this process has been so freeing. I am learning so much about myself, and how I can serve at a higher level. Thank you!

Jodie E.

Entrepreneur, Network Markter


It was because of this man and his ministry with his wife I had the courage to surrender my western medicine carrier to Jesus.

Stephanie G.

Integrative Practitioner


I never felt more of a Godly push to a new level of leadership as I do right now. I am beyond grateful for these two and all they have poured into me the last couple of years. They have helped me find the light switch on my gifts and have placed a major role in my growth.

Brittany P.

The DIY Mama Creations


You can’t put a price on it. It is coaching 1-on-1. You get held accountable, you have to show up, and you have to deliver. And when someone makes you uncomfortable like that- usually there is a big finish - a big payoff, and makes it all worth it.

Tom E.

Retired Football Coach

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God's Marketplace

It's time to empty your quiver and trust God with the measure He gave you.

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Summit Details

The Turned On Live Kingdom Leadership Business Summit is a transformational event taking place on October 14, 2023, in Franklin, TN. It's designed to empower business leaders with Kingdom principles to make a lasting impact in the marketplace.

Our lineup of speakers includes wisdom that spans generations, with experts in Kingdom business principles. Stay tuned for speaker announcements on our website.

This event is dedicated to helping attendees unveil their unique Kingdom business identity. We're here to guide you in aligning your business with God's purpose, harnessing your gifts, and standing out in the marketplace authentically.

Expect to be challenged. We are going to be very interactive with you. Think of this as a one day intensive mastermind. You will not be sitting in a chair all day taking notes. We are going to have workshops designed to pull the Kingdom business ideas, messaging, and your God given personality out of you. The value of the teaching in this intimate event from our panel of speakers is 100x the price you are paying.

Expect to cover:

Kingdom Business Insights: Timeless principles applicable across generations.

Identity and Assignment: Discovering your unique role in God's grand plan.

Brand and Market: Authentic branding in a trend-chasing marketplace.

Personality for Profit: Utilizing your God-given personality for success.

Networking Opportunities: Connecting with like-minded Kingdom-driven business leaders.
A night of worship, prayer, and fellowship

It's simple! Secure your spot by registering now using the Register Now button above.

Yes, there are VERY limited seats available, so don't wait too long to secure your spot at this transformative event. We chose this venue for its intimate feel and breakout rooms along with its beautiful setting and chapel

Please check our registration page for pricing and any special discounts for early bird registration.

We're working on making session recordings available to registered attendees after the event. Stay updated on this through our website and event communications.

If you're interested in sponsorship or exhibiting opportunities, please contact our partnership team through our website for more information.

ABSOLUTELY. If you are on this page we feel like the Lord already called you here! Get in the room for impartation and to unlock the divine assignment He has given you and DONT LOOK BACK.

Local Ark

111 Becky Lane
Franklin, Tennessee 37064

SAT, OCT 14th 

Teaching and Workshop 
9am to 5pm

Worship and Testimony 
6pm - 9pm

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